The latest fashions, impeccable service and practical style advice. That's the Phyre Wear philosophy. We pride ourselves on helping you find the perfect outfit, whatever the occasion, and you'll love our approach to making it all fit for you.


Phyre Wear is an Australian based company with customer service and innovation at the heart of our success. We operate 2 stores in Sydney and deliver world-wide! We have our roots planted firmly in the terrain of fashion’s retail landscape.


Within our wall, our spirited group creates, designs, markets and distributes a constantly evolving collection to our retail stores. The brand’s core strength is rooted in a solid understanding of its customer. Our passionate team continues to lead expansion of the business in new markets, including e-commerce while always leveraging our shared values.

So...who started the PHYRE?


In the International Phonetic Alphabet, Ph* represents an F sound made by making the lips into a tiny circle and blowing out air, also known as a bilabial fricative, or an F made with the lips.

So, if you ever come across your physicist friend who is showing you photos of your phobias, just act phoney instead of phreaking out! Oh...and don't forget to phorward us those photos too!


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